Sunday Online Events

Posted on 08/03/2015 by Adam James

Hello Members,

As we are the only certified VA in Australia, I feel we should be doing a little bit more to show our support for the IVAO Sunday Online Events.

So I ask that all members try and make it to the events that commence every Sunday from around 0400z or 0500z.

All participating pilots will recieve extra flight hours and pilot pay every time they fly an event.

Information on the event can always be found at http://au.ivao.aero or more specifically, http://ivaoau.com/ivaoau/australia_online/index.php

The events are always published via the IVAO Australia official Face Book page www.facebook.com/ivaoaustralia


Frequent Flyers to the IVAO event will also be awarded the Sunday Online Supporter Award



If there are any issues as to why your not attending these events, please let us know as we might be able to come up with a soultion.



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