Our Rules

  • The login credentials that are provided  to you by Australian Virtual Airlines are your individual membership identification.
    You may not under any circumstances provide, seek or obtain permission of your own or another individuals credentials.

  • All pilots must fly at least one flight within the first 30 days after successful completion of registration.

  • A PIREP must be recorded ever 30 days to keep your membership current, failure to submit a PIREP within 90 days will flag your account as inactive and may be deleted by the system. If at anytime you find yourself unable to submit a PIREP, you are permitted to request a leave of absence.

  • Leave Of Absence may be granted for members who apply, thisis a pilot's responsibiltiy to request the leave of absence. Granted to a maximum of 90 days.

  • Australian Virtual Staff reserves the right to temporarily suspend or terminate any individual membership from the airline without notification if this or any other relevant policy has been violated.

  • When using Social Networks, members must take all precuations not to upset or embarrass the organisation or any other member of Australian Virtual Airlines.

  • Members are to, at all times, be courteous and respectful to one another when representing Australian Virtual Airlines both within the organisation and abroard ( Social Networks  ).

  • Members should be made aware that they should not undertake any action that would bring harm to the reputation of Australian Virtual Airlines, including, but not limited to misrepresenting oneself to another organisation, breaking the rules and guidelines of another organisation, or making derogatory statements.

  • Members are to preform their flights on line using IVAO and or VATSIM. Only 3 flights per month can be submitted when flying off-line or an a network different to the abovementioned.

  • Members are asked to use our smartCARS software tailored for Australian Virtual Airlines, kACARS can be used on systems running Windows XP.

  • Any details that look to be fake when registering will be deleted without notice. Please ensure that are details are correct.

  • Any member found logging flights with Australian Virtual Airlines and not using their AUZ Callsign whilst doing so, will have their membership deleted without question.
  • Pilots must follow the IVAO Rules and Regulations  , or if  flying on VATSIM, then the VATSIM Code of Conduct must be adhered to at all times.

  • Pilots are required to log on using their individual Pilot ID when connecting to either the IVAO or the VATSIM Network.

  • Pilots must show maturity and are reminded to display the highest level of professionalism towards other members at all times when connected to the either the IVAO Network and or VATSIM Network both inside and outside Australian Virtual Airlines as our online reputation is represented whenever a pilot is connected to either IVAO or VATSIM Networks.

  • Pilots must file a fully completed flight plan for each flight, including the proper remarks, route and other additional information, which is required by IVAO orVATSIM.

  • Pilots must maintain and adhere to all Air Traffic Controller clearances and instructions in relation to the aircraft during all stages of flight. However, a pilot assigned as pilot-in-command of a flight may exercise exception to this clause with reasonable justification in ensuring the safe operation of the aircraft.

  • Pilots must comply with all Network Supervisor requests at all times when using either the IVAO and or VATSIM Networks.

  • Pilots are strongly reminded that while connected to the IVAO and or VATSIM Network, they are to ensure that the Australian Virtual Airlines name and reputaion is upheld to the best of their ability. Other pilots, Air Traffic Controllers and or Network Supervisors, are always watching what you say and do and will judge your performance and our reputation accordingly.

  • All members must adhere to the above when using voice communications of either IVAO and or VATSIM Networks.
  • All members of Australian Virtual Airlines are invited to use our Team Speak 3 Server.

  • The AUZ TS3 server is PTT only ( Push To Talk ) please set up your TS3 Client accordingly.

  • Members must respect that there may be junior members using this teamspeak server and abusive/rude/impolite language will not be tolerated.

  • Members are encourage to use the AFK channels if they are away from the computer for any length of time.

  • Some channels are password protected, poke an admin to allow access to those channels and the need arises.

  • Members found breaching these rules will be either suspended or banned from using the server, depending on the severity of the offense commited.