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IVAO Certification

IVAO Certified

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By Timothy - AUZ0078
On - 02/01/2015

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Company Statistics

Pilots: 135
Hours: 37,267
Flights: 13,826
Flights Today: 8
Pilots In Flight: 1
PAX Carried: 230,099,146
Miles Flown: 16,402,178
Aircraft: 150
Schedules: 1117
News Items: 13
Recruitment Status: Open

Australian Virtual Airlines



Australian Virtual Airlines is small community of aviation enthusiest gathered together to share their passion and experiences in aviation and enjoy the friendly and easy going environment that our VA has to offer.

There are no limits to what aircraft you can fly, nor where you can fly it.

If this appeals to you, we invite you to submit an application and join us today!.

Pilot Flight Number Departure Arrival Status Altitude Speed Network Progress

Flight Callsign Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft
Flight 2757 AUZ0084 Ken Dixon MBPV MDPP C-130J
Flight 1701 AUZ0038 Marcelo Rodrigues EHAM LFPG A300-600

Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Info
AUZ016Richard BarkusESSAEPWAB737-80001.31-338 ft/mPending
AUZ4004Matt SearleYBRKYBBNB737-80000.53-96 ft/mPending
AUZ6060JEFF FULLERYLTNYPPHDHC8-40001.22-536 ft/mPending
AUZ4003Matt SearleYBTLYBRKB737-80000.58-158 ft/mAccepted
AUZ2041Shaun BrownYSSYYBBNB777-300ER01.03-82 ft/mAccepted
AUZ6059JEFF FULLERYPPHYLTNDHC8-40001.5928 ft/mAccepted
AUZ9999David ROBINSONYMMLNZNVB737-80002.46-265 ft/mAccepted
AUZ9999Ken DixonKMIAMBPVB737-900ER01.17-205 ft/mAccepted
AUZ016Richard BarkusLEBLEDDLB737-80001.58-211 ft/mAccepted
AUZ9999David ROBINSONYMIAYMMLB737-80000.52-258 ft/mAccepted
Pilot Aircraft Arrival Field Landing Rate Date Posted
AUZ0085 - Shane RoserAntonov AN-225YBBN-822/03/2015
AUZ0001 - Adam JamesBoeing 737-800YSSY-2207/03/2015
AUZ0016 - Richard BarkusBoeing 737-800LIRF-2924/03/2015
AUZ0179 - Matt SearleBoeing 737-800YBBN-4225/03/2015
AUZ0016 - Richard BarkusBoeing 737-800YMML-4713/03/2015
AUZ0179 - Matt SearleBoeing 737-800YBAS-5319/03/2015
AUZ0001 - Adam JamesDe Havilland Dash 8RPML-5702/03/2015
AUZ0001 - Adam JamesDe Havilland Dash 8NZWN-5808/03/2015
AUZ0174 - Pablo LovyBoeing 787-800YBBN-6207/03/2015
AUZ0087 - Shane ThackerBoeing 737-800YMML-6505/03/2015

VA's Overall Avg Landing Rate: -600.54

Australian Virtual Activity Feed

AUZ0016 Richard Barkus has filed a PIREP from ESSA to EPWA View Flight Report

AUZ0179 Matt Searle has filed a PIREP from YBRK to YBBN View Flight Report

AUZ0086 JEFF FULLER has filed a PIREP from YLTN to YPPH View Flight Report

AUZ0179 Matt Searle has filed a PIREP from YBTL to YBRK View Flight Report

AUZ0177 Shaun Brown has filed a PIREP from YSSY to YBBN View Flight Report

AUZ0086 JEFF FULLER has filed a PIREP from YPPH to YLTN View Flight Report

AUZ0011 David ROBINSON has filed a PIREP from YMML to NZNV View Flight Report

AUZ0084 Ken Dixon has filed a PIREP from KMIA to MBPV View Flight Report

AUZ0016 Richard Barkus has filed a PIREP from LEBL to EDDL View Flight Report

AUZ0011 David ROBINSON has filed a PIREP from YMIA to YMML View Flight Report

Latest News

Posted by Staff on 08/03/2015

Sunday Online Events

Hello Members,

As we are the only certified VA in Australia, I feel we should be doing a little bit more to show our support for the IVAO Sunday Online Events.

So I ask that all members try and make it to the events that commence every Sunday from around 0400z or 0500z.

All participating pilots will recieve extra flight hours and pilot pay every time they fly an event.

Information on the event can always be found at or more specifically,

The events are always published via the IVAO Australia official Face Book page


Frequent Flyers to the IVAO event will also be awarded the Sunday Online Supporter Award



If there are any issues as to why your not attending these events, please let us know as we might be able to come up with a soultion.



Sunday Online Events 08/03/2015

Charter Flights must use 9999 03/03/2015

We have a winner ! 01/03/2015

Site NavData Updated to AIRAC 12/02/2015

Smoothest Landing Competition 09/02/2015

Site Update 07/02/2015

Fasle Awards Issued - Doh! 05/02/2015

AUZCARS - Select Network 04/02/2015

New AUZCARS 31/01/2015

Rallye Air says thanks 25/01/2015

Latest 5 Awards Issued

Steve Baines has recently received the 100 Flight Hours award.
Matt Searle has recently received the 10 Flight Hours award.
Shane Roser has recently received the 10 Flight Hours award.
Timothy Reddish has recently received the 3500 Flight Hours award.
Ken Dixon has recently received the Competition Winner - Febr award.




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