Welcome to Australia Virtual,

Established in 2007, Australian Virtual Airlines is a place we call home.

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Sit back, relax, and take a look of what's to come.

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IVAO Australia

Supporting IVAO Australia since 2007

IVAO Australia is our Division, we support it the best way we can.

We recommend IVAO Australia to everyone.

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It's not all Large

Most of our members enjoy flying GA Aircraft.

We highly recommend Carenado and A2A Simulations for smaller aircraft.


Any Aircraft!

The minute you sign up, you are free to fly any aircraft. From the ASK21 Glider right through to the Airbus A380, what ever you feel comfortable in flying. There are no restrictions to what aircraft type you are allowed to fly.


Any Where !

Just because we are based in Australia does not mean we can't fly anywhere else. Your free to fly anywhere you like, we have schedules all over the world.


Any Time !

Anytime you like to fly its fine with us. There are no time restraints on routes or schedules, you fly went you want where you want and in what aircraft you want, how easy is that!

Book, connect and fly

Group Flights

Every Sunday pilots gather together for a group flying as we participate in the IVAO Australia Division's Sunday Online Events!

Ultimate pilot center

Team Speak 3

All pilots are welcome to use our Team Speak 3 server which runs 24 / 7.

Active community

No Hassles

When flying on IVAO, you don't need any additional software to have your flights recored!

40 000

Flight Schedules

Booking a flight, searching and requesting a schedule is easy with custom scripts!

Special Ops

  • Formation Flights
  • Dog Flights
  • SAR Missions


  • Flight Hours
  • Events
  • Miscellaneous


  • T-Shirts / Jumpers
  • Coffee Mugs
  • Pens / Key Rings

Active Flights

Pilot Track Flight Departure Arrival Status Altitude Speed ETA

Recent Arrivals

Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Pirep
AUZ6329Phillip EnnewRPVMRPLLB737-40001.40-255 ft/mAccepted
AUZ078Timothy ReddishYPADWMKKB747-40007.43-280 ft/mAccepted
AUZ6305Phillip EnnewRPVTRPVMDHC8-40000.23-14241 ft/mPending
AUZ9999SENGHUP CHUAYPECYPMQC-18200.56-195 ft/mAccepted
AUZ7019Steven PopowiczYMHBYPADA31801.46-292 ft/mAccepted
AUZ9999David ROBINSONNZCHYSCBB737-80002.48-607 ft/mAccepted
AUZ1673SENGHUP CHUAYMMLYMESDHC-6-40000.45-528 ft/mAccepted
AUZ6001Steven PopowiczYPPHYPADB767-300ER02.06-324 ft/mAccepted
AUZ1474Mark DysonLOWWEHAMA32103.10-136 ft/mAccepted
AUZ9999SENGHUP CHUAWMKIVTBDPA-31T03.24-14 ft/mAccepted

Schedules Departures

Flight Callsign Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft
Flight 2670 AUZ0311 Michael Wignall WIII YMML B777-200ER

This Month's Smoothest Landing Rates

Smoothest Landings

This Month's Smoothest Landings

Pilot Aircraft Arrival Field Landing Rate Date Posted
AUZ0204 - SENGHUP CHUAPiper Cheyenne PA-31T XIILYSCB-1110/07/2016
AUZ0204 - SENGHUP CHUAPiper Cheyenne PA-31T XIILVTBD-1422/07/2016
AUZ0204 - SENGHUP CHUAPiper Cheyenne PA-31T XIILYSCB-1807/07/2016
AUZ0204 - SENGHUP CHUAPiper Cheyenne PA-31T XIILVTBD-2219/07/2016
AUZ0204 - SENGHUP CHUAPiper Cheyenne PA-31T XIILYSCB-2218/07/2016
AUZ0251 - Elio CafieroSOCATA TBM 850PAJN-2211/07/2016
AUZ0011 - David ROBINSONBoeing 737-800YBCS-2408/07/2016
AUZ0204 - SENGHUP CHUAPiper Cheyenne PA-31T XIILYSCB-2421/07/2016
AUZ0251 - Elio CafieroCessna C-336/337 SkymasterEGMC-2519/07/2016
AUZ0204 - SENGHUP CHUAPiper Cheyenne PA-31T XIILVTBD-2510/07/2016

Aircraft Stats

B738Flights: 3944
B747Flights: 3689
B777Flights: 2813
A320Flights: 2574
B757Flights: 2411
DH8CFlights: 1327
B767Flights: 924
B60TFlights: 901

VA Stats

Members: 137
Aircraft: 144
Schedules: 1,122
Miles Flown: 16,444,948
Hours Flown: 39
Fuel Used: 27
Total Flights: 13,869
Total Hours Flown: 373,725.34

IVAO Certified

Australain Virtual Airlines is the only VA in Australia that has the IVAO Certification.

If you are already registered with IVAO.AERO and you fly on IVAO.AERO then no, our system will automatically detect and record your flight. If you fly on Vatsim or need to fly off line for any reason, then yes, we offer our custom AUZCARS ( smartCars v2 ) flight tracking software and also kACARS for those running windows XP.
Not every flight no, but we do expect the majority of your flights be flown online using either IVAO ( preffered ) or VATSIM.
We might, if we don't, then let us know and we will try and paint a livery for you.
Who can join ?
Anyone over the age of 13 can join as long as they stay active ( At least one flight recored each and every month). There are certain parts of the forums and some Team Speak Channels that are restricted to persons over the age of 18.